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About us

It was 15 years ago when the first Schnauzer puppy entered our home. From that moment, it was impossible to imagine our life without one!

After those years of taking care of this beautiful breed, we decided to make a website for the people who share our love and enthusiasm for all subjects relating to Schnauzers.

Here you will be able to find more about our dogs and puppies, but the general idea is much bigger!

We want to deliver a lot of interesting and educational things, solve some dilemmas and problems Schnauzers and their breeders are facing today, and also share stuff that is purely for fun and joy!

Our Vision

As schnauzer breeders, our vision is to create a community that promotes compassion, support schnauzers and their lovers, and show the world how beautiful this breed really is.

Our Engagements

As big Schnauzer lovers, we take part in the organization of the 2021 International Schnauzer Dog Show.

international schnauzer dog show

In 2019, we contributed to organizing International Dog Show in our country, and made a partnership with Ourdogs, UK Dog Media News, who streamed the dog show all around the world.

dog show & our dogs

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