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It was 15 years ago when the first Schnauzer puppy entered our home. From that moment, it was impossible to imagine our life without one!

After those years of taking care of this beautiful breed, we decided to make a website for the people who share our love and enthusiasm for all subjects relating to Schnauzers.

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How to Survive the First 24 Hours with Your Schnauzer Puppy

Our Family

Schnauzer owner with its puppy

Milica, Odin’s mom

A few years ago, my sons put the idea of getting a dog on the table and told me what breed they had in mind. I read all about Miniature Schnauzers, and to their great surprise, I simply accepted it, with no discussion at all.

After a few days of searching online for a respective breeder, we found Barba.

Communication with them went smooth like butter, and we welcomed a new family member, a black and silver Mini Schnauzer, Odin.

Everything that we read about Miniature Schnauzers proved to be right, and I can say that the Little Einsteins are the best dogs in the world!

Thank you, Barba, for bringing Odin into our lives. By doing that, you made it so much better!


Why Barba Schnauzers really make a difference

Superior health

Well-balanced nature

Got all the puppy shots

Socialized with children and other dogs

Trained for good manners

Potty training in progress

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Black and silver miniature schnauzer
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